Thursday, 21 March 2013

I Have Joined bloglovin

Hi Everyone, Just a quick post. As promised I have joined bloglovin.
As Google are removing the follower button, you can choose to store all the blogs that you love in bloglovin, which will bring up the posts from your favourite lovely bloggers.

I was a bit worried how long and how complex it would be, but it took less than 30 seconds.
When you go on the bloglovin sign up page, it will direct you to facebook.
You will then see that your face book username & password are already displayed, you just need to enter a new password for your new bloglovin account.
Then follow the link and click to import your all of your favourite blogs.

Not as scarey as I thought. You can alternatively choose to join through your email account, which is an option in the sign up page too.


  1. Wwll done Jay. I think we are all joining now.
    Hugs Chris x

    1. Yeah, I know honey, just trying to re assure my lovely friends, that it wasnt as hard as I anticipated. Thanks for all your lovely comments, means alot to me. Hugs Jane x


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