Wednesday, 3 April 2019

My mothers day, hand made box, decoupaged tea light holder and card.

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well. 

I made these for my mum for mothers day and we had a lovely family meal together. 

Here they are, the pictures of the card are a little light, but I have taken another photo, out of the sunlight, as the glitter card is super sparkly. 

The card is constructed from white pearlised card, which I embossed and glitter card, for the leaves and frames.
 I also built up the frame to 4 layers so it was more prominent and added 2 embossed frames in pink and white behind the main frame, and off set them slightly to add colour and dimension. As the card is actually more pink in reality.

This is the clearer photo of the card, needless to say mum loved it. She is very girly, even in her 60s and loves bling and ribbons etc

I made the box from my dooba do template and decoupaged it with roses and the orange glow that you can see, is the tea light lit up. It glows lovely in the dark he he!
I decoupaged the holder from a napkin, glittered the inside and added to the pearls and lace and I also added a battery operated candle, for safety. 

It was my 1st go at the tea light and I am really happy with the result for all 3 items. 

I hope that you all had a lovely mothers day, last Sunday. I recieved 2 orchids from my husband and daughter and lots of other goodies!

Have a lovely day.
Cuddles Jane xxx